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April 2018

THE NEW MEDIATIC WAR Dear friends, I wanted to draw your attention to the phenomenon of virtual coins or cryptocurrency, identifiable to most as BITCOIN, but with new crypto coins appearing weekly. The new technology behind the "Bitcoin"revolution stands in the BLOCKCHAIN. This allows for the archiving, recording and storing of millions of data in real time, with complete and utter security, without any risk of falsification or manipulation of said data. This is mainly done by the transparent characteristic of the BLOCKCHAIN.   The TECHNOLOGICAL WAR has started  and the two sides are ready to fight: 1. The old lobbies of economic power, consisting of  banks, credit card companies, money wiring service companies, and dominant governments that, with the excuse of democracy and security, want to control and manage the world, especially finances. 2. The new generation of managers, programmers, businessmen, investors, small governments struggling for their economic independence so as not to continue depending on the old economic institutions, technologically advanced groups of banks that have discovered and understood the new development programs and the future linked to these new technologies.   So the forces in the field are deployed and began the fight through different media, newspapers, influencers, gurus and economic experts. In short, every means that can affect the citizens of the world, billions of people, and convince them of the advantages of their proposals. Even in the 90s, when the knowledge and use of the INTERNET had just started spreading,  the same mediatic war took place, do you remember? The two sides in FAVOUR OF or OPPOSITE TO, in a continuous succession of news, TV programmes, newspapers and experts expressing their different points of view. During that period, we witnessed the INTERNET become the greatest means of communication worldwide, a place where anyone could express and publish their opinions, providing us with facts and images that

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